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Servicing  Playas de Tijuana, Rosarito and adjacent areas

Interested in Renting Out Your Home on Airbnb or long term rental? Will List Your Space For You. Hassle Free.

What Does a Property Manager Do?

A good full-service Airbnb property management company will perform the following tasks on your behalf:

  • Create your Airbnb profile and listing

  • Respond to 100% of initial guest inquiries within minutes

  • Providing a 24/7 local emergency contact

  • Coordination of all maintenance issues

  • Be the main point of contact for the guest

  • Handle any Resolution Claims resulting from any reservation

  • Coordination with the cleaners

  • Coordination of late check-in/out requests

  • Continually optimize your Airbnb listing for high Airbnb search placement

  • Create a digital guidebook for your guest

  • Replenishment of consumables (toilet paper, tissues, soaps, garbage bags, etc.)

  • Key management (if applicable)

  • Create a seamless check-in experience for the guest

  • Be your main point of contact for all issues

  • Responsible for accounting and tax remittance (if applicable)

  • Guidance on interior design

  • Continual suggestions for improvement

  • Monitoring of guest reviews

This seems like a lot! And, it is. Most Airbnb property management companies do not offer all of the above. Some advertise the above but don’t deliver. 

Whether or not you need an Airbnb property manager comes down to one question: 
Do you want to be 100% hands off?  There’s a caveat to that question because if you end up choosing a bad property manager, then you will not be 100% hands off.  Give me 15 minutes of your time and you will know whether this would be great fit for you. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-08 at 6.30.17 PM
WhatsApp Image 2020-06-08 at 6.30.17 PM.

It’s no surprise that I’m an Airbnb property manager. What might be a surprise is that I do it all 100% remotely. Some of the properties I manage I have never even seen in real life.

The process I’ve developed for my own Airbnb property management company since 2015 has been recreated in my Elevate Host optimization. Essentially, if you have some time to devote to your Airbnb each week and don’t mind the initial setup, then I want you to consider doing it yourself rather than hiring an Airbnb property management company. offers two service options

Full Service

Sign up and sit back. With just a little bit of information to get started, your real estate becomes passive income. Rentals tend to see 25-50% higher earnings when using our full service vs self-managing their listing. Light maintenance and cleaning included.

Available in Playas De Tijuana and Rosarito

Remote Service

For those who already have a trusted core care team in place (Cleaning + Emergency Care). We'll manage your listing remotely, market your listing with the full force of our full service properties, and coordinate cleaning, repairs, and check-in.

Available throughout Playas De Tijuana, Rosarito and adjacent areas.   

For more information and a free consultation.

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